Email Notifications for Google Forms: A Complete 2023 Guide

Collecting responses via Google Forms is a convenient way to collect data for surveys, event registrations, and feedback forms. However, manually reviewing form responses is time consuming and inefficient, so we recommend setting up email notifications.

Thankfully, Google Forms has built-in functionality for setting up and automating email notifications.

Once enabled, an email notification will be sent to an individual or group whenever someone submits a response to a Google Form.

This article explores the benefits of using email notifications with Google Forms and provides a step-by-step guide on how to set them up effectively.

Why Set Email Notifications?

Without automatic notifications, it can be difficult to stay on top of new responses. Here are some reasons why you should set up email notifications for your Google Forms:

  1. Email notifications allow you to receive instant alerts whenever a user submits a response. This allows you to immediately review the data received and take action, resulting in faster response times.
  2. Automating the notification process saves valuable time spent constantly checking forms for new submissions. Email notifications keep you informed without the need for manual intervention.
  3. Email notifications can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously. This enables efficient collaboration within teams, departments, and project groups to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening.
  4. Google Forms allows you to customize the content and format of your email notifications. This flexibility allows you to tailor notifications to include specific details such as form responses and other relevant information. It helps keep your inbox tidy by providing consistent and structured notifications.

How to Create Email Notifications

If you’ve already created a survey, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get an email when a Google Form is submitted:

Step 1: Start by creating a new form or selecting an existing form from Google Drive. Add any questions you want and customize the form as needed.

Step 2: After designing your form, go to the Responses tab.

Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots to open the options menu.

Step 4: Check the box labeled “Receive email notifications about new responses”. This action enables the email notification feature.

That’s all you need! Notifications will now be sent to the email address associated with your Google account.

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Using the Email Notifications for Google Forms Add-on

You can also use an add-on to receive email notifications for Google Forms. Unlike other add-ons for Google Sheets and Google Docs, which can be found within the platform through the extensions menu, the Google Forms add-on must be searched externally.

The Google Forms Email Notification Add-on allows you to automatically send an email message every time a respondent submits a Google Form.

Here’s how to set up email notifications using the Google Forms Email Notifications Add-on:

Step 1: Go to Google Marketplace and install the extension.

Step 2: Allow permissions.

Step 3: Go back to Google Forms.

Step 4: Once the extension is installed, it may add new icons or menu options to your browser.

Click the extension’s icon to open the extension’s settings.

Step 5: Within the extension settings, click on the “Enable notifications” option.

A small side panel will appear with options to configure Google Forms email notifications.

Step 6: Click on the Add New Rule option.

This may include specifying recipients, customizing email content, setting notification triggers, and other related settings.

Step 7: Enter a name for your notification so you can easily identify it.

Step 8: Add the e-mail address where notifications should be sent, the sender’s name and e-mail address.

You can add as many emails as you want in the Notification Email Addresses section.

You can also send an automated email to each respondent who fills out the form by checking the box.

After configuring the settings, save any changes made within the extension. Extensions may also offer the option to activate or enable the email notification feature.

Google Form Notification to Multiple Emails.

To set up Google Forms notifications for multiple emails, you can use the Google Forms Email Notifications add-on. Do the following:

Using the Add-on

Step 1: Click on the add-on icon.

Step 2: Add multiple email recipients. Add multiple emails you want to receive notifications to in the Email Addresses to Notify section of this field.

for example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Step 3: Configure the remaining settings for notifications.

Step 4: After configuring the email notification settings, click the Save Rule button at the bottom of the Settings window.

This allows multiple emails to receive notifications each time a respondent fills out a form.

Using Google Sheets

You can also use Google Sheets to send notifications to multiple emails from Google Forms. Simply link your form to Google Sheets and set your notification preferences in Sheets. Here’s how:

Step 1: Turn on Save to Google Sheets from Submissions:

Go to the Responses tab and click Link to Sheet.”

Step 2: Choose to create a new or existing spreadsheet.

Step 3: Go to your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Step 4: Click Share and add the emails of the users you want to receive notifications.

Step 5: Go to Tools > Notifications to set notification rules.

Step 5: Select the Edit Notifications option.

Step 6: Select options for when users submit the form and click Save.

It’s linked to Google Sheets, so you’ll get an email notification every time the form is filled out. However, you can only set notifications for yourself, so other email his users will also need to go to the spreadsheet and set their notification preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Send Google Form Notifications to Another Email?

By default, Google Forms will send notifications to the email account associated with your Google Account. You may need to sign in to a different Google account if you want notifications sent to a different email.

Even better, you can use the Google Forms email notification extension to send notifications to a separate email. The guide above explained how to use the extension.

Wrapping Up

Google Forms email notifications provide a convenient and efficient way to keep responses up to date without the need for manual monitoring.

Enable email notifications and customize your settings to receive real-time alerts, collaborate seamlessly with team members, and optimize your workflow.

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